Don’t Miss Out the Best Five Beaches While Visiting In Vancouver

Best Beaches in Vancouver

Situated in British Columbia, Vancouver is one of the most famous seaport cities in the world. With a pleasant temperature all year round, Vancouver is the go-to city for all the ocean lovers in the world. If you are planning on a vacation to devour the smell of the sea and mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, Vancouver is the place for you. Here, you will get a brief estimation of one of the Best Beaches to visit in Vancouver.

5 Beaches you should visit in Vancouver if you are a sea-lover

The following beaches are one of the finest in the city of Vancouver, and you will be not disappointed by visiting them. They are:

1. Kitsilano Beach

Kitsilano Beach Vancouver

If you are a young and hip millennial, you will surely love this beach. Noted as one of the trendiest beaches in the country, Kitsilano Beach boasts gorgeous sands and beautiful young people. The beach is family-friendly too because it has a lovely park which has the Kits Pool. You and your kids can engage in games like basketball, tennis or Volleyball. If you are feeling adventurous, you can go windsurfing, stand-up paddling or ski-boarding.

2. Spanish Banks

Spanish Beach Vancouver

Located along the Western coast of the city, Spanish Banks is a beach for those who are looking forward to enjoying a few days of solitude with their family. This beach is perfect for your pet too. It prides itself on its dog off-leash areas. You can organize family barbecues, stroll along the beach and enjoy sunsets and sunrises while over there.

3. English Bay Beach

english bay Beach Vancouver

If you are trying to find a beach where you can get mesmerizing scenery along with all the luxury and comfort in your vacation, then English Bay Beach is for you. With beautiful sands, shops, and restaurants, this beach is one of the Best Beaches to visit in Vancouver. It hosts some of the significant events of Vancouver, like the Celebration of International fireworks. You should visit this three-night event to enjoy the beach truly. You can even take part in the Polar bear swim if you visit the beach at New Year’s Eve.

4. Jericho Beach

jericho beach vancouver

Jericho Beach is best for those who want to sail or learn to navigate on their vacation. You can even bike or walk along the beautiful pathways of the parks situated by the beach. You can your family can take part in outdoor sports like soccer, volleyball, tennis, and many more. If you visit the beach in July, you will be able to witness the annual folk music festival in Vancouver.

5. Second Beach

second beach vancouver

Located very close to the English Bay, this beach offers a pool that provides heated water from May to September. You can enjoy a lovely barbecue at Ceperley Meadow, which is adjacent to the beach or has a picnic with your friends over there. There are a Putt golf course and outdoor movie theatre, where you can spend your days of the vacation with utmost bliss.

The list mentioned above is only one of the few beaches which glorify the city of Vancouver, but the truth is that the city has several other beaches as well which are equally beautiful and mesmerizing.

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