Brewery Tasting Rooms in Vancouver

There are two things which makes Vancouver different from any place in the world. The first is craft beer and the second is the chance to taste that right from the source. Sounds unbelievable right? But it is true. In Vancouver, you get to taste the beers from the breweries itself. The craft breweries give you samples of their amazing brews.

Amazing brewery tasting rooms you have to visit in Vancouver

The list provided below will give you the idea about where to visit to taste some uniquely tasting beers in Vancouver. They are:

1. 33 Acres

Located at the main street, this brewery has a new tasting room. The modern west coast design along with a clean ambiance makes it one of the most fantastic brewery tasting rooms in Vancouver. The tasting room focuses on getting the delectable local snacks along with the brews.

2. Central City Brewing

This brewery is vast and you will have to be visually impaired to locate it in Surrey. Central City is a beer lover’s paradise since it has a taproom, fully stacked liquor store as well as a large restaurant. You will have no difficulty in arriving there since it is right SkyTrain.

3. Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

With local musicians and a lovely pizza food truck parked right in front of this place, Deep dove is sure one of the efficient Brewery tasting rooms in Vancouver. Apart from letting you taste their beer, this place hosts a string of events. The site is massive, and the samples are widely varying.

4. Bomber Brewing

Along the bike routes of Adanac and Mosaic, this brewery is amidst the most popular location of Vancouver. Not only do they let you taste their brew, but they take you to the back of the brewery to show you the mechanism of the brewing.

5. Storm Brewing

Storm Brewing is the longest-running craft brewery of Vancouver. Since 25 years, the place has been serving freshly brewed beers. Though for tasting the beer you might have to pay it is worth it. Also, the site does not have a place to sit. So be prepared while entering the site.

6. Powell Brewery

Known best for their wheat-beer, Powell Brewery is located at Powell Street. The place was once a nano brewery but in 2013 got the “Beer of the Year” award by Canadian Brewing Awards. You will get to taste beers made from ginger, cardamom, and cascara.

7. Dageraad Brewing

If you want to try a sample of Belgium style beer, then this place is for you. In Dageraad, you will find one of the best European beers in Vancouver. Located in Burnaby, this place closed within 8 P.M.

8. Main Street Brewery

Right out on the main street, this place is entirely out of visibility. The brewery is located in a huge yellow building in the area and offers unique beers with an original menu.

Through this guide, you will know how to taste the best beer in Vancouver along with lip-smacking dishes.